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Request for Extra Patrol

  1. Note: The address must contain a physical address or a intersection near the location. For example: "123 E Main Street" or "E Adams Street and S Georgia Street." If an exact location is not given, your request can not be processed. In the details be sure to completely describe the nature of the activity, when it occurs, descriptions of persons involved, and descriptions of vehicles and license plate numbers involved. It is helpful to note how long your extra patrol request is needed.

    Your contact information is not required to make an extra patrol request but is required for a vacation check If you would like to make an immediate extra patrol request please call our office at 573-243-3151. Request can only be processed for City of Jackson Missouri residences and not those residing outside the city limits of Jackson.

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    The Jackson Police Department conducts extra patrol on requested areas within the Jackson  Missouri City limits for specified periods of time. Such a request may be submitted for times that a resident will be away from home (vacation, etc.) or for other specific issues such as requests for speed enforcement, suspicious activities, etc.. In order to qualify for extra patrol you must live in the City of Jackson Missouri. Requests placed online will be added within 1 to 4 days after submission. This form should be used for when an extra patrol is needed on a non-emergency basis only. All in-progress situations should be reported immediately to Jackson Police Department at 573-243-3151, or dial 911.

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