1. Hydrant Testing

  2. Hydrant Testing

    Starting Monday May 11, 2020 Jackson Fire/Rescue will start to conduct the annual flow testing of the city's fire hydrants.

    Flow testing is a critical infrastructure project that ensures the safety of residents by providing the flow pressure and volume of water that is expected from each hydrant. Additionally, it reveal s hydrants with mechanical problems. Flow testing is one of the ways the city ensures hydrants are operable and  give the proper water flow when needed. 

    In some cases, flow testing may cause water in the area to appear rust colored.  Should you experience rust colored water, here's helpful information: 

    1. This condition DOES NOT pose a health problem.
    2. Running of COLD water in your home or business will soon clear up the problem. DO NOT USE HOT WATER. This will prevent rusty water from entering the hot water tank.
    3. If the rusty water affects your laundry, you may purchase "oxalic acid", or other commercial products for taking rust out of clothes. These products may be purchased from your local grocery, or hardware stores. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacture for washing clothing.  

    Jackson Fire/Rescue conducts flow testing Monday through Friday between the hours of 8am and 3pm  weather permitting.  The lists below indicates the address to be flowed and are divided by fire station service areas. We anticipate hat flow testing should be complete by the end of May. 

    Jackson Fire/Rescue and the City of Jackson appreciate your patience as they work to ensure the safety of our residents. For more information, please contact the fire department at 573.243.1010

    Station 1 Hydrant List    Station 2 Hydrant List 

    *5/19/2020 Lists have been updated to reflect the hydrants that have been tested.  A line through the address indicates that the hydrant has been flow tested.


  1. Hydrant Testing

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