1. Firehouse Tours

  2. Firehouse Tours

    Jackson Fire Rescue wants to welcome you into our "home away from home." We love to show off our living quarters and show you a glimpse of what it is like to live out the dream of being a firefighter. However, like our home and yours we also have a few rules and some FYI that we should first go over before you decide to make a visit.

    Firehouse Tour Rules/FYI:

    1. We ask that you make a reservation to visit us first. Each day is booked with skill training, firehouse chores, apparatus maintenance, public fire safety speeches and not to mention daily emergency calls.
    2. Tours are free to anyone. We enjoy our job and showing others what it is like to live at the firehouse. Although we enjoy money as well, we do not accept it and will not accept it. This treat is on us.
    3. The tour you schedule may be delayed or cancelled In the event our emergency response is requested. Your tour could be delayed or even cancelled depending on the emergency call and the amount of time it takes us on the call.

    Call us to schedule your next Firehouse tour at (573) 243-1010.

  1. Firehouse Tours

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