1. After The Fire

  2. After the fire...

    What You Need to Know

    Securing the Site

    The site of the fire needs to be protected from further damage by weather, theft or vandalism.

    If You are the Owner, it is your responsibility to see that holes are covered against rain and entry and that outside doors to your home can be locked or secured. The Fire Department will help with this activity.

    Contact Your Insurance Agent. They must be notified of the fire and may also be able to help you in making immediate repairs. If you cannot reach your agent or need professional assistance in boarding up your home, a general contractor, fire damage restoration firm or fire service firm can help. Check your yellow pages.

    If you plan to leave the fire site, try to remove any valuables remaining in the building. Do not leave until the site has been secured.

    If You are a Tenant, contact the resident manager, the owner or the owner's insurance agent. It is the owner's responsibility to prevent further loss to the site.

    Make sure that your personal belongings are secure either within the building or by moving them to another location such as the home of a relative or friend.

    Contact your own insurance agent to report the loss.

  1. After The Fire

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